• Finding the Prefect Vehicle /  We can do a national or international search for that certain "Eligible Car".

• Once the right car is found, we help with all the particulars in transport either back to our shop or warehouse for storage or repair/ refurbishment/restoration.  Or, you can have us help ship the car and transport it to the next venue or for storage in one of our associated facilities on the US West Coast or in Milan, Italy.

• We'll meet you and teach you about the history of your car, its current operation and maintenance.  Pointing out all the important particulars including chassis stamps, engine numbers, build and date details.

• Expert Detailing  /  We offer a range of detailing services to make your car gleam like new.  Making your car a spectacular event or show  vehicle.    Ask us for our complete menu of options.

We give each customer a detailed written appraisal performed on the car. We strive for total customer service and work hard to earn and keep your business.